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How to Buy a Bike in 2022

How to Buy a Bike in 2022

Ultimately the shortage of bikes we have seen is due to a surge in demand. This increased demand can be traced to several groups: Firstly, existing cyclists upgrading their equipment. Secondly, newcomers to our market.

This leads to the first problem for 2022. Virtually all of the reserve stock that manufactures usually hold so that retailers can order on demand, has been sold. Warehouses are struggling to get shipments in and when they do arrive are immediately shipped out to waiting dealers. The second problem is getting the materials to build the bikes, component companies like Shimano are 400-600 days delivery on products. And thirdly SHIPPING, this may actually be the biggest problem as we move forward, the companies shipping out Asia are overwhelmed, they lack containers to ship product in and then must find room on a ship to get them to us.    

For the most part Dealers are waiting on bikes that are pre-sold with very little going on the sales floor. Dealers are also waiting on repair parts and accessories to upgrade or repair bikes and keep their customers riding, everything is in high demand and short supply, tires, saddles, repair components - especially drive train, chains, cassettes, cranksets and even pedals.

So, how do you get one of these elusive bikes, because they are coming, decide what you want, go to your Local Dealer in January and place an order with a deposit and be patient. Here at Waterloo Bike Shop we tried to mitigate having a shortage of bikes and as of this writing we have 100+ bikes in stock with more on the way as we move into the Spring of 2022, ordering early is your best bet on you receiving that new bike.

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